Club Hillclimb 2010

Last weekend the club held it's annual hillclimb time trial up the long draggy climb of Ivinghoe Beacon.

The course is 1.5 miles long and starts from the bus stop opposite the Ivinghoe Aston turning, and continues up the main climb and finishes on the flatter section just before the 2nd cattle grid.

As is usual the club run made it's way out to the event and a good number of them took advantage of the warm-up and added their names to the start list, boosting the numbers to those often expected for the evening tens, which is a great sight. A number of the riders were from other clubs and some who had not joined a club (or were lapsed members!).

Fastest of the large field of 23 riders was local top rider Michael Broadwith (Shorter Rochford RT) with a time not seen by anyone at the event before, and some suspected was the best ever. Sadly it is not but it certainly is the best we have seen for probably 20 years. Mike was pushed all the way though, with 2nd placed Doug Coleman (Anders Horizon RT) falling just 6 seconds short. 3rd placed Mark Jervis (Python RT) was another 22 seconds back, still doing a great time. In 4th place was Chris Grange, just another 10 seconds back and the last rider inside 5 minutes for the climb (any time inside 5 minutes is considered a great time).  Chris was the highest placed Hemel club member and thus becomes the 2010 Champion.

2 women did the event and fastest of these was Jody Conibear, who finished in equal 12th place with Sarah Williamson finishing in 22nd. There is no separate womens prize though (sorry!).


Note, report edited to reflect an updated position on a club member.

Pos Name Time
1 Michael Broadwith (Shorter Rochford RT) 4:14
2 Doug Coleman (Anders Horizon RT) 4:20
3 Mark Jervis (Python RT) 4:42
4 Chris Grange 4:52
5 Richard Boley 5:01
6 Radek Sebesta (Come & Try) 5:06
7 Ian Baynes 5:07
8 Stuart Turner 5:08
9 John Lacey 5:11
10 Steve Roffe 5:14
11 Jonathan James 5:22
12 Jody Conibear 5:27
12 Duncan Knight 5:27
14 Nick Brown 5:36
15 Tom Dunne (Come & Try) 5:39
16 Richard Greaves 5:53
17 Ben Haydecker 5:54
18 Tony Dunne (Come & Try) 5:56
19 Keith Fletcher 6:03
20 John Dunne (Come & Try) 6:04
21 Ray Lupini 6:13
22 Sarah Williamson 6:49
23 Keith Richardson (Mildenhall CC) 7:00