Club welfare officer needed

A vacancy has occurred for the volunteer role of Club Welfare Officer

This role is required to provide support for the best interests of the clubs members. To promote an accepted and ethical framework demonstrating best behaviour and safeguarding the club member’s welfare, with particular emphasis on the youth members.

If you are interested in this volunteer role you can obtain more information here taken from British Cycling’s web site of a fuller description of what is expected of a Welfare Officer and in much greater depth you can refer to British Cycling’s ‘Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults’. Or you can simply advise your interest to the club in this role and we can provide you further details.

You will be required to attend basic child protection training, which is a one evening course at a local college and keep in touch with British Cycling’s child protection policies.  The time commitment is very modest but it is a fulfilling task.

If you wish to find out more information please contact Roger Manley: