Sunday 18th June - Ride Leaders and notes

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Sunday 18th June - Ride Leaders and notes

Postby doogs culver » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:14 am

Sunday 18th June - Ride Leaders
Group A - 12-14 mph av. speed.Distance 40miles - Sarah W - as below
Group B - 14-16 mph av. speed.Distance 40-50miles - Ken H
Group C - 16-17.5mph av. speed.Distance 50-55 miles - tba
Group D - 17.5-19mph av. speed. Distance 55- 65 miles - John Barry.

Hi folks, i'm trying to place emphasis on the av. speed rather than group names now so we all know where we stand and can stick to the outlined speeds. Eventually the names will be phased out and we will just stick to numbers as it's a lot clearer that way.
Note: Ride Leaders - please stick to the limits although the odd variation is accepted due to slowing in towns, traffic hold ups etc.

So to make it clear - Example - 12mph in Group A would mean they covered some hills or slow narrow roads or winter/bad weather ride. 14mph would mean they were on better roads, fewer hills and favourable weather.

Also, I need more people to come forward and lead a ride especially for the 16-17.5mph group. If you are always pushing on the front of a group then the chances are you maybe in the wrong group so now is your chance to move up. Great momentum in the club so let's keep it up. Thank you to all ride leaders. Much appreciated. Please feel free to comment.

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