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Typical Club Rides

Postby andymurrayuk » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:59 pm

Hi all

For anyone interested, here are some of our typical 'C' group club ride routes.

The the route for the Hitchin ride that we've done in the last couple of weeks:

Another one that's a close relation:

Here's one that goes out towards High Wycome. It's 70 miles but it can be a fair bit shorter if you cut out the Aldbury/Little Gaddesden section and go straight back via Tring:

Also the Hemel reliability (try as I might, I couldn't get it to 100k!)

If you're feeling ambitious and fancy a change of scenery, here's the route for the Circuit of the Cotswolds (102 miles and a 25% hill at Bushcombe Lane - worse than Smalldean Lane, I can tell you!

Here's another that heads out towards Bow Brickhill just south of Milton Keynes, solely to do Church Lane!:

Here's the classic Quainton route:

Of course, these can be done in either direction depending on the weather/wind.

If anyone else wants to post some of our other typical rides (Windsor or Marlow for example, please do).


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