Club Ride Sunday 9th September.

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Club Ride Sunday 9th September.

Postby MurrayT » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:59 pm

Club Ride Sunday 9th September.
There will be no organised rides from the station this Sunday as it the Cotswold away day, details below. Those that do meet at the station will have to organise their own entertainment.

Cotswold away day.

This is a social event covering 60miles starting from and finishing in Burford (just off the A40 past Witney, Oxfordshire). It passes through Chipping Norton, Chipping Campden, Broadway, Snowshill, Bourton-on-the Water and back to Burford. It would be the same type of riding as with the WhiteWizz allowing for varying abilities with cafe stops along the route and plenty of conversation.

We would meet in Burford (outside The Priory on the High Street A361 or in the main car park) on the Sunday morning 9am, allowing people enough time to drive to Burford, parking, get ready etc.

Date: September 9th 2018
Time: 0900hrs
Parking: There is a car park just off Church lane in Burford. It was free last year but bring loose change just in case. There is also a ladies and gents toilet there (about 20p).
Route: All country lanes, beautiful countryside and villages. As below.
Pace: It's a social ride so some riders will have to wait at the top of hills. It is hilly so you would need to be a regular A grouper as a minimum standard.
Jersey: HHCC jerseys if you have one but they are not compulsory.
Weather: If heavy rain is forecast then it would be postponed as few people would want to spend a day out in bad weather.

Cafe stops: Bourton-on-the Water and Broadway. Also, we will have a coffee in at The Priory in Burford before we set off. It's same side as Church Lane. We also have a late lunch or tea and scones at the end so may well use the Priory for this as they have a nice courtyard at the back.

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