Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club Role Descriptions

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Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club Role Descriptions

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The Club can only survive with the full support of its volunteers who give up their valuable time. The roles are not meant to be onerous but an indication of the positions needed to ensure the smooth running of the club.
Below are guidelines as to what is involved in each of the Committee and support roles. However, these are only guidelines and are by no means a full and comprehensive guide of the roles and responsibilities that members can volunteer to do.

• The President is the principal representative of the club.
• The President will be an ambassador and spokesperson for the club and will represent the club when attending any related activity external to the club.
• In the absence of the Chairman the President will support the Vice Chairman to carry out any responsibilities called upon the Chairman
• The President will attend committee meetings and the annual general meeting and will present any members views, as requested, at a committee meeting.
• An important task is to promote the planning and development of the club and oversee the implementation of new strategies.
• The President will communicate with all committee members and be on hand to assist problem solving and to promote open minded thinking into the resolution of difficult issues as they may arise.
• The President will assist to smooth difficult paths and to promote good experiences for the members.

• To ensure the Committee runs the Club effectively and ensure the Rules and Constitution of the Club are followed and upheld.
• Chair all Committee, Special General Meetings (SGM) and Annual General Meetings (AGM).
• Agree with the Secretary, the time, place and agenda for meetings and subsequently the contents of meeting minutes and actions prior to publication.
• Ensure that all the Officers of the Committee carry out their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Club Rules and their job descriptions and that they act promptly at all times in the best interests of the club.
• To be involved, where appropriate, in the coordination of all club activities
• To represent the club at external meetings when required
• May be called upon to act as a mediator
• Have an understanding of the clubs development plan, governance and standing orders
• To be unbiased and impartial

• To assist the Chairman in the carrying out of his duties and to act as Chairman in his absence.
• To be involved, where appropriate, in the co-ordination of club activities

• To act as a main point of contact for the club, maintain records and information in relation to queries, all administration and communications including affiliations, subscriptions, memberships, club room bookings and mailings
• To process and deliver appropriate correspondence and information to the Membership
• Deals initially with all correspondence and communications.
• To be the link between members, potential members and external organisations.
• Deal with day to day running of the club including all correspondence
• Maintain a record of the Club Rules and Committee Members Job Descriptions.
• To organise committee meetings and AGMs, preparing agendas, taking minutes, and distributing and communicating these as appropriate
• To have a knowledge and understanding of roles and responsibilities of other club committee members
• Applications for affiliations to organising bodies

• Maintain a true and accurate record of all the Club’s financial transactions.
• Keeping all Club monies in an appropriate bank or institution as approved by the Committee and handle petty cash as required, issuing receipts as appropriate for monies collected by Club Officers and others.
• To ensure prompt banking of monies.
• Ensure that the Club’s financial records are kept up to date at all times and available for audit inspection.
• Monitor the budget throughout the year.
• Prepare end of year accounts and present to the auditors and Committee.
• Make recommendations to the Committee concerning the Club’s financial position.
• Settle, on time, all fees for which the Club has to pay.
• Present for Committee approval requests for non-budgeted expenditure.
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Maintain club records for road and track and update records on Club website.
• Oversee all Club competitions
• Arrange Club 10’s with notification to interested bodies and posting details on Club website and social media.
• Compile marshalling list for each season
• Publicise details of road races and Open time trials
• Represents the Club at British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials meetings
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• To assist the Racing Secretary in the carrying out their duties
• Not required to attend Committee meetings

• First point of contact for all new triathlon enquiries from the website
• Publicise upcoming events
• Organise affiliation to British Triathlon
• Organise race planning meetings
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Organise and publicise off road rides.
• Point of contact for all off road enquiries.
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Organise run leaders for HHCC Sunday Club Runs every quarter.
• First point of contact for all new rider enquiries from the website. Initially beginners and new cyclists being pointed in the direction of sky-ride until they have built up enough skills to join the main club run and directing those with sufficient skills and experience to our main club runs.
• Liaise directly with the Club Run Development Group to ensure any changes and development of the club runs in order to secure the future and health of one of our flagship sections of the club.
• Alert the Development Group of any changes needed and to share problems and concerns.
• Report back to the main committee on behalf of the Development Group.
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Organise social events as and when required.
• Events to include Annual Awards/New Year’s Party, Summer BBQ and ad hoc social events throughout the year.
• Publicise events on Forum, Facebook and via E-mail.
• Liaise directly with the Treasurer on all monitory aspects.
• Report back to the main committee.
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

The Coaching Secretary is responsible for co-ordinating the coaching activities for all members of the club.
• To be the main point of contact for all coaching activities
• To be the primary contact for all club coaches
• To actively promote coaching education
• To lead the development of the clubs coaching plan
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

The Go Ride Coordinator is responsible to manage and organise the Go Ride Coaches and non- qualified volunteers to provide creative activities and promote the development of the junior members of the club
• To arrange regular planning meetings with the clubs coaches and volunteers
• To develop and maintain the clubs Go Ride targets
• To welcome and encourage new members
• To generally get involved in all activities related to Go Ride
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Monitor and report on maintenance of the Club Room
• Report to the Committee on any required expenditure
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required

• Organise the maintenance of the website
• Seek content from general membership
• Grant admin rights to appropriate people
• Advise on necessary updates to website
• Report to the Committee on any required expenditure
• Attend Committee meetings and report as required.

• Elected members are “the voice” of the general membership bringing their ideas, views and worries to the notice of the Committee.
• Attend Committee meetings

The role of the Club Welfare Officer is to promote the clubs policy and procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults...

The duties of the Club Welfare Officer are to include
• To communicate with members and parents of young members that you represent the codes of good and fair conduct
• Advise members on the development of activities for young people within the club
• Support the Registration of all personnel involved on the activities for young people, eg., DBS checks
• To be the club contact for Coaches, Volunteers & members, receiving, recording and passing on to British Cycling any concerns relating to the welfare of young and vulnerable adult members.
• To be clear about the clubs responsibilities when running activities for children and young people & ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others.
• To help club coaches & volunteers understand their ‘duty of care’ towards children and young people taking part in club activities.
• Attend committee meetings.

The skills of the Club Welfare Officer are to include
• Be a good listener and effective communicator
• Knowledge of child protection policies and procedures
• Knowledge of the Data Protection Act
• Ability to deal with confidential matters
• To be tactful when dealing with sensitive issues

The Club Welfare Officer will need the commitment to attend club activities whenever possible and to ensure members know you are available to be contacted in confidence.


The Club Run Development Group which is made up of a cross section of club members who have a special interest and passion for the club runs will:
• Support the Club Run Secretary in all aspects of the club runs.
• Work together with the Club Run Secretary to make any necessary changes in order to continually grow and develop the club runs.
• Share jobs amongst the group that may be needed e.g. Club Run Leader Training, Run Leader Recruitment and website update.
• The group will meet as and when necessary unless a specific timetable is drawn up.

Jobs not assigned in the above roles and currently undertaken by Bob Clark

• Ordering and maintaining stock records of Club kit
• Sales of Club kit to members
• Maintaining records of Club trophies
• Organising engraving of Club trophies

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