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Postby CoachDebs » Tue Nov 21, 2006 11:24 am

Hi All

Please find listed below the minutes from the Luton Dunstable Forum.
This will be good reading if you live in Dunstable as they require some input.

Hi all,
We look forward to seeing you at the pre-Christmas rush pedalling event - our Monthly bike ride - why spend money and time shopping when you could be preparing body and soul for a relaxing Yuletide break instead?! Meet us at the Town Hall steps on Monday 4th December at 12.30pm. If you would like to borrow one of our bikes, please contact us in advance and turn up by 12.15 to get one sorted for you!

The next Bike Mechanics Course will be on Monday 26th March 2007 in Luton Town Hall, from 9.30 til 5pm. Bring your own bike to work on and packed lunch. Drinks will be provided. You will need warm clothes!
Cost is £30 per head - please email to book a place or ring for more details.

The new Luton and surrounding area Cycle maps will be arriving next Tuesday, so hopefully you will see them available in libraries, Town Hall reception and other outlets. If you wish me to send you a bundle for you to put out where you work or somewhere else where people might pick them up, please let me know, or pick some up from Reception displays.

Cycle Training - Beech Hill Primary School - 6 groups being trained (some never ridden before) - bikes can now be lent to other schools nearby from Beech Hill School for Cycle training with LBC trainers. We have many bookings for January, in particular Wenlock Primary is training up a whole year group - so we are using all our new trainers!.

We held a series of successful Highway Engineers Cycle Training and discussion sessions about the impact of Cycle Training on Highways facilities and traffic management measures - this has improved communications between officers and raised awareness about some practicalities of cycling.

Nathan is currently writing a manual for Instructor Training - we are intending to train our own instructors and become an accredited Instructor trainer provider for National Standards .

Please find copied in below the minutes from the September cycle forum. The date of the next one is Weds 6th December at 6.30pm in Luton Town Hall. It is hoped that cyclists from Dunstable and Houghton Regis will come to this one too, to discuss setting up a joint forum. All Welcome

Minutes of the Luton Cycle Forum, Weds 20th September 2006


Brian Kibblewhite

Pauline Roby

Gordon Hart

John Dolly

Ian Wallace

Patrick Lingwood

Bryan Worsfold

John Hawkes

Rodney Giles

Phil Cunningham

Andy Knight

David Woodroffe


Ben Garner, Sue Rowe; Cllr Clive Mead, Terry Colver, Nathan Burge, Sarah Leeming

Minutes of the Last Meeting-Matters Arising

Luton & Dunstable Cycle Forum
Patrick Lingwood, the Walking & Cycling Officer for Bedfordshire gave a presentation on the benefits of cycling, intended for non-cyclists. To help the cycle forum to better match the Local Transport Plan for Luton & Dunstable, PL suggested that the forum be enlarged to include Dunstable. This was agreed by the meeting. DW agreed to contact known cyclists from Dunstable.

Cycle Routes
PC handed round maps showing route 6 in Park Street. An objection to the cycle lane has been received from a resident of Park Street rear Cutenhoe Road. At this quiet point in Park Street, and obligatory cycle lane was not thought essential.

AK Sustrans are applying for Lottery funding to construct a cycle track in an additional arch under the railway line to the south of the Sundon Arch on Toddington Road. After a design study, the plan will be publicly voted on in a television series planned for next year. Good local support will be essential for its success.

Route 6 Through the Town Centre: Initially, signage will be minimal. Parkway Road now has an advisory cycle lane to Parkway station. A number of new cycle parking sites are under consideration - outside Cycle King in Bury Park being one of them. Forum members are invited to suggest suitable sites to PR.

Many NCN signs on route 6 have now been replaced by LBC. Lights are yet to be fitted on the new pedestrian crossing in Neville Road. Dual use signage on the footpath New Bedford Road north of Austin Road is still required.

There are plans to convert the footpath alongside the railway between Crawley Green Road and Kimpton Road into dual use. A narrow section of this path will require work before it is suitable. After lobbying by PR, a cycle lane will run alongside Translink route.

Accident Investigation & Prevention (AIP) is to start on Leagrave Road and Leagrave High Street.

5. NCN Progress

With the onset of autumn, groundworks are continuing on the 2-km stretch south of Parkway station towards Harpenden. Now that all agreements are in place, the application to the Eastern Development Agency (EDA) will be re-submitted. Their match funding is required before LBC & BCC funds can be spent. This includes the bridge over the Lower Harpenden Road.

6. Cycle Promotion

The LBC website carries a continuous recruitment advertisement for cycle trainers. Some of the courses for the October half term are already full.

A new cycling map for Luton is in production, with Marsh Farm & the town centre shown in detail on the reverse, together with an area map of Beds Herts & Bucks.

There was poor uptake of cycle "commuter trains" from Dunstable and Harpenden, organised by PR. She asked for suggestions of times and starting points for future "trains".

7. Maintenance of the Network

DW's observations on the maintenance of Bradgers Hill have been passed to Chris Godden. Plans for cycle parking at the L & D hospital are in hand. Once they are approved by the L & D travel group, the cycle stands will be installed by LBC.

8. Round Table Discussion

Appropriate speed limits for the A505 in the Butterfield Green area were discussed. The Jansel House roundabout continues to be a cycle unfriendly junction difficult to avoid.

9. Date & time of the next meeting

Wednesday 6th December 2006, at 6-30pm in the town hall, to include Dunstable cyclists.

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