Hemel CC Chaingang?

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Steve Hewitt
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Hemel CC Chaingang?

Postby Steve Hewitt » Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:30 am

I would like to bring up the idea of having a weekly Hemel Chaingang. Obviously this won't be a new concept to the club but we don't have one running at the moment and I personally think it could be a worthwhile training activity (if done correctly!).

So the question is: is this something worth doing? For people like myself it would be. The need to improve! :D

It would have to be a disciplined and a thought out process with input from the correct people. We could to find a circuit or circuits and do this weekly. So what does everyone think? :?:

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Simon Hemington
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Re: Hemel CC Chaingang?

Postby Simon Hemington » Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:23 pm

It's a very good idea, complicated a bit by the need to choose the right circuit and the fact that a lot of people in these parts have longer commutes and don't always get home early enough.

If we can find the right circuit and make it fairly short and multi-lap it might work. People could then join in when they arrive, and not worry about making an early start time.

Anyone got a good idea for a circuit?

Simon Hemington
HHCC Webmaster

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Ian Baynes
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Re: Hemel CC Chaingang?

Postby Ian Baynes » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:14 pm

I think this would be a really good idea to introduce, especially with the 9up TTT coming up.

The current Tuesday ride that Tony organises goes via a long loop that passes through Long Marston, Wingrave, Ledburn and Horton.
Perhaps using a similar loop and doing a few laps would be a good idea?
Big Geoff suggested Wingrave as a possible meeting point and then people can tag on along a predetermined loop?

There would have to be some predetermined rules about riding etiquette, pacing and discipline etc.
Suggestions welcomed.

Scott Dixon
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Re: Hemel CC Chaingang?

Postby Scott Dixon » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:32 pm

I would certainly be interested in this suggestion. This year i have ridden with Spirit cycle club on their Tuesday night chaingang and it certainly helped with my performance on the bike. They now have a loop of around 5/6 miles which they complete 4 times, it works well so when you get dropped (which I did on numerous occasions) you can have a breather and rejoin on the next lap.



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Re: Hemel CC Chaingang?

Postby benhur » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:42 am

I would be interested. The only evening I can't make is Wednesday. How about meeting at Tringford? I've found two loops - 7.03 miles & 5.56 miles.

7.03 mile loop: Start: Tringford (B489 - Lower Icknield Way) 1 mile, left at Pitstone onto High Street (2 miles) towards Cheddington (3 miles), after Cheddington turn left onto Long Marston Road (4 miles), then left onto Tring Road (5.5 miles) and back towards Tringford – loop end.

5.56 mile loop: Start: Tringford (Wingrave Road) towards Wingrave, then turn left after 1.5 miles, then turn left after 2.8 miles, then turn left at 4 miles onto B489 towards Tringford – loop end.


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