Winter Training Sessions

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Winter Training Sessions

Postby Dave R » Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:53 pm

Posted on behalf of Grahame Pepper, if interested could you please contact Grahame direct, address below.

I am a member of the cycle club albeit very much in the background, my primary interest is time trials for next season, however I am also a Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor at Sportspace, I am tabling an initiative with the centre to hold winter training sessions fortnightly for non members on Sundays 11.15am for 1 hour intervals/VO2 improving sessions on our new spin bikes, the bikes have wattage recording computers now, I imagine some maybe some of your members are already involved with the Centre? though I dont recall meeting any?
I am training a triathlete currently who is of a very high standard nationally, he mentioned this initiative to others in his club whom also seemed to like the idea of some intensive winter VO2 boosting sessions using the spin studio and perhaps coupled with some gym strength work after, even using the running track where appropriate.
If only a dozen or so of members of the cycle club showed interest I will drive it on, thoughts about costs would likely be £7/ each for the 1 hr sessions with any subsequent individual/small group PT negotiable with me.
Regards times, my thoughts were 11.15am Sundays originally but if some will ride sunday mornings through the winter, alternative times could be 3pm Saturdays or Sunday or even 5pm Saturdays, there is a regular spin at 4pm Saturdays. Perhaps afternoons would be better.
If you could circulate an e mail with these times proposed and people can contact me if I can get 10 I will drive it through, costs point likely £7.00/rider 1 hour class.

Kindest regards


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