New bike - Trek Domane 5.9

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New bike - Trek Domane 5.9

Postby andy-sands » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:09 pm

Time to upgrade my Trek 1.2.
£600 of doubled up Tesco vouchers and the current offer of £250 clothing on a 2015 bike mean that it will almost certainly be coming from Evans.
It needs to be 'sportive - ish' style to cater for all needs including day long rides and my modest Triathlon efforts.
I'm going to the bike show at Excel next week to see if anything catches my eye.
My current front runner is the Trek Domane 5.9 Dura-ace.
The canyon Endurace also looks appealing, although it's not through Evans.

Published reviews are of limited use as I've never read a bad one.

Any opinions on the above or other particular recommendations would be appreciated.

Andy Sands

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Paul Thomson
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Re: New bike - Trek Domane 5.9

Postby Paul Thomson » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:17 pm

Never been a fan of Trek... When I test rode them they were quite possibly one of the worst feeling and handling bikes I had ever ridden. That was a few years ago now but things like that stick...

Currently using a Cannondale... and for the type of money you are looking at then go for the 'Dale version of what you were looking at: ... e-ec054390

Or go electric: ... e-ec070999
Which is what I have done. Easily the best bike I have ridden on. Although I wish I could have afforded the D-A version instead...

And if you are looking at triathlons... then don't go for a sportive type frame! Big mistake. A normal frame is good enough for all day riding. You can easily move stems up and down in a few minutes (you'll be doing it in seconds once you get used to doing that).
I did all my time trials last year on my Cannondale road bike with clip-on tribars and upgraded wheels (I bought Dura-ace C50's) and did some of my best times for many years!

Paul Thomson
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Re: New bike - Trek Domane 5.9

Postby andy-sands » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:19 pm

Thank's Paul - I appreciate the advice.


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