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Sports Drinks Research

Postby Ian Huntingford » Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:43 pm

I received details of the following research project via British Triathlon.

Want to perform at your best?

Whether you’re new to the sports of cycling and triathlon or an experienced athlete looking for an edge, the Sports Science team at the University of Hertfordshire could help you!!
A Research project at the University of Hertfordshire is being carried out with the aim of assessing the best sports drink to enhance a cyclists/triathletes performance.

Title – The ingestion of glucose, fructose and protein during exercise; influence on exogenous carbohydrate oxidation and performance.
The study aims to test 3 commercially available sports drinks to determine their efficiency at providing fuel to the working muscles during exercise and their ability to your performance.

Benefits include –
• a FREE VO2max test
• a FREE sugar tolerance test
• the chance to train in a well controlled laboratory environment to get the most out of your training
• performance feedback from a Sport and Exercise Scientist
Athlete requirements –
• male aged 18-50 yrs
• be available to complete 4 tests in 4 weeks
• 2 years endurance training experience
If you’d like to know more please contact -
Researcher – Mike Tarpey – 07968 159 666
Supervisor – Dr Justin Roberts

I asked Mike to expand on the benefits to, and commitments required of participants. He confirmed he was happy for me to publish his reply in full (see below):

The study will involve completing 4 trials in 4 weeks. Each trial will consist of a 150min ride at 50% max power (steady state, not too demanding) and a 60km time trial. This part will obviously involve some volume but give you a just to get the legs cranking on the time trial. I will be recording data for expired breath analysis, blood glucose and lactate as well as haematocrit (the percentage of your blood make that are blood cells). You will consume one of four drinks throughout exercise so I will record some data in relation to how your gastrointestinal tract handles the different drinks with their different nutrient content by way of a questionnaire.

The breath analysis will tell me exactly how much of the carbohydrate you drink is reaching the muscles and being burnt to fuel exercise. The lactate data may be of particular interest to demonstrate how your body reacts during a long steady state ride as well as during the time trial. The gastrointestina ldata may be of use in finding the right kind of drink, quantity and frequency that suites you during exercise. The study will also require athletes to record a food diary during the course of testing. I have had some positive feedback already from participants who have noticed that they take greater care in what they eat as a result and now feel they are actually eating more appropriately.

There will of course be the VO2max test which will tell us both your maximum ability to consume oxygen whilst giving a good idea of your max steady state power.

In regard to the Sport and Exercise Science contact, this means that I'm happy to discuss the data I record and explain what it all means for you personally. Many athletes don't take advantage of Sports Science support which can really benefit performance in a number of ways. This support will normally come at a cost but for people taking part in the study will be offered free.

I hope this answers your question but feel free to contact me either on this email or on 07968159666, regarding anymore questions you have. I'm hoping to get all the testing underway ASAP, but can only test so many people as I have a budget to stick to. There are still places available for now however. If you would like to go ahead with the study I would suggest giving me a date you would be free to come in for a VO2max test and we'll take it from there. This will allow us to get the testing period started but also give us a chance to have a face to face chat about the study before we begin if its something you'll be able to do.

The VO2max test can be taken any time of done and should be done no less that 24 hrs after a hard sessions e.g if you wanted to test on a Wednesday, I would suggest not doing anything too demanding after Monday evening.
Athletes will also bring in their own bikes to ride which will be connected to a computrainer.

Many thanks for you interest and I hope to hear from you soon.


If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Mike direct (and let us know how you get on via this thread).


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