Beeline Cycles (Oxford) Cross/Wessex League - Review

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Beeline Cycles (Oxford) Cross/Wessex League - Review

Postby NZxcross » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:57 pm

Hi all,

Well that was quite a hand full riding in those conditions on Sunday!! When I awoke on Sunday & pulled the blinds back I was like, oh no. Stace did her absolute best to talk me out of riding, but it was no use.

I decided mid-week to change my position on the bike to see if I could get any more power to the ground. I think it did help; I felt better & got an once more power output, well maybe!!

It was a very bland course to what we get in the Central league. Very long straights with little or no obstacles in the way. It was very water logged indeed. In this league they split the Veterans out from the seniors, which in my point of view is a bit weird & detracts from racing in a big field. So with the bad weather & a round of the National series on I think they got around sixty starters max.

I did a good warm up & felt good, then proceeded to do a warm up lap. I just couldn't work out how the other riders were looking so muddy before the race. On the start didn't bother to get there too early as I wouldn't be gridded. But somehow, I got called out for a row three start. Was quite embarrassed really, but there I was alongside a gun in Matt Webber. Got going then all hell broke loose. We found out just how bad the course was. With the charge on, I was coping a lot of mud in the face, just couldn't see.

Then it hit me!! They had roped off the wooded section for the first lap. So in we went on the second, I didn't understand why riders were dismounting to get through a cutting. There was a bloody stream on the other side. I made it over just every lap but on the last I was right in the middle of it. Shit it was cold. What followed was just hell. When the promoting club describes it as misery on their own course, then you know it was bad. It took around four minutes to ride through this section. I say ride, but it was a crawl really. Never seen mud like it. Torrents of water & never more shallow than 5" up the rim. I could only push 36x25 through this. If you stopped then you had to run it out.

I had a steady race; I did have trouble getting up for it really. But I rode consistent for the hour but unspectacular. I found it quite boring as there just weren't enough riders on such a big circuit. So a 27th place is all I could muster. It was okay, but to be honest I have never been so happy to be lapped so I didn't have to do the final lap. Sad but true.

Not my kinda course or weather but you have to ride in all sorts. Now very much looking forward to a double header this weekend.

Ta Rico
Richard O'Reillly

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