Inter Area Regionals - Milton Keynes

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Inter Area Regionals - Milton Keynes

Postby Chrisbro » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:32 pm

Beautiful autumn day and a well attended event in the rather battered and churned up MK Bowl.

As it was Remberence Sunday, the organisers asked for the 2 minutes silence and then played the Last Post ahead of the Youth race. A quiet moment before the frentic racing that followed, particularly on a course that became increasingly tricky to ride.

On kit duty with Family Brown, helping the Central Team Keith Parry and others till we had to leave after lunch, as Conall was somewhat battered and bruised - his report below...

Hope the new hospital is keeping you occupied Gavin!

"The MK Bowl suffered with the rainy summer and the entire middle of the bowl was ruined, this meant that virtually the entire race was spent riding around the banking. The course in my opinion was actually worse than the one at Abingdon and you spent most of the race going down hills off camber with some switch backs – very slippery.
As this is inter areas you’re called out according to teams and unfortunately Central C didn’t do well last year so we were gridded right at the back, therefore I was stuck behind other riders. After a decent start I was stuck behind a rider from eastern for half the first lap before finally managing to make a move on a long grass straight. I started to really feel strong as I moved up the ranks and caught up to the riders I was usually with.
Unfortunately half way through the 2nd lap I came down hard on a muddy corner and my chain wedged itself onto the crank after about 2 minutes of trying to un wedge the chain I finally got going, though not for long a few minutes later I came down again on a pointless little descent and smashed my shoulder into a solid ground. I kept going but only for a few minutes before the agonising pain in m shoulder meant I just couldn’t continue. However I did get a ride in the medics buggy. There seemed to be many other wounded riders including u14 national champ who went to hospital after the race for a check up, his arm in a sling, so hope he’s ok. Fortunately there’s no serious damage for me, just some bruising. Next weeks it’s another national trophy at Southampton. "

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Sam Williamson
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Re: Inter Area Regionals - Milton Keynes

Postby Sam Williamson » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:47 pm

Tough luck Conall - glad you're okay though :)

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Re: Inter Area Regionals - Milton Keynes

Postby NZxcross » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:45 pm

Hi all,

Yeah I sympathise with you Conal, I had an absolute nightmare myself there when on Central duty earlier in the season.
I just don’t rate it as a venue for 'cross.

Good to see your bones are okay, I'm sure your impressive season will continue this weekend. It’s hard when you get gridded at the rear aye (Just see my reports from the weekend) you have to be oh so aware & positive about each pass you attempt.

Good luck for the weekend & look forward to hearing all about it.

Richard O'Reillly

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