St. Ives CC Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 9 - Review

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St. Ives CC Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 9 - Review

Postby NZxcross » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:23 pm

Hi all,

When many little disasters accumulate, they make one mother of all disasters!!!!

Geez, what a race. Turned up to a good looking venue right beside the lake. It was the best view all day, should have stayed in the car. Parking was ample, & a big field turned out for the combined race at 120 riders.

The course on first impressions looked okay. Then I saw the state of the youth riders, & older vets after they had raced. They looked like they had gone through 10tons of mud, each!! The grass was the weirdness stuff I've seen, stringy stuff that just accumulated around anything. Little did I know but my turn would shortly arrive.

By some sort of luck I was close to the start line when the whistle went. That was my last piece of luck I would see for the day. Out of 120 riders they gridded 100!! I wasn't so lucky so was one of the poor ten unfortunates right at the back. Off we went & around the first right hander there was an almighty crash. Dead stopped nowhere to go. Straight after there was a long bud path, much worse than Didcot. So by the time I got there the race had gone. I was at least 1.30min down. It took a while to get my head around that the race was over for me so reassessed so I could get something out of it.

Just past the mud path for the second time was a little ditch with water running through. A dude passed me going real strong. Sod this; I was gunna follow for all my life. He pulled a beautiful bunny hop over the ditch. Yep, I'll have a piece of that. I got my timing all wrong & jumped it real short, so short my back wheel was still on my side of the ditch!! The front wheel pitched right in the middle & with the momentum did a full face plant. Worse was the bike wasn't finished with me, it did a full 180 & somehow I was left straddling the front with the handle bars sticking flat above my feama. Due to all my weight being forward I couldn't extract myself & my handle bars were trying to break my leg in reverse. A spectator had to extract me, shit my face & leg hurt. Took a couple of minutes to recover & gather myself.

On the very next lap at the mud bath, a very long piece of the coarse marking got wrapped around my cassette. I rode on unaware until the back wheel locked dead stopped. This was just short of the same spectators at the ditch. I had enough & gave the bike a full force throw into the mud. They gave me a bit of stick until they realised it was me then proceeded to spend about 2minutes getting most of it out. Didn't get it all out, it locked me freewheel up & couldn't stop pedalling as it was trying to snap my rear mech.

I continued like a true hard kiwi, but without much conviction. So with a sore neck, stuffed shoulder, bruised thigh, jammed freewheel, front mech clogged with mud/grass so it wouldn't engage, cranks churning round rough as & only three working gears to choose from in the rear I just plugged on.

Now seriously, when you have to ride the majority of the course in 36x 19/21 to just get round that’s bu.....

Incredibly I only got lapped by the first 10 or so. As for placings, I wouldn't have a clue but it would be no higher than 70ish.

Was feeling a little sorry for myself as we got the bike jet washed for a £1. Best part of the day. Off to Peterborough for the night, surely tomorrow at Woodhall Spa things would improve.....

Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Sam Williamson
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Re: St. Ives CC Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 9 - Review

Postby Sam Williamson » Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:26 am

Blimey mate - what an epic - can't wait for the next episode! :lol:

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Re: St. Ives CC Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 9 - Review

Postby Chrisbro » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:59 pm

Great report Richard....good luck at next one and can we get photo of mud splattered Richard on HHCC Facebook pages..?

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Gavin Atkins
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Re: St. Ives CC Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 9 - Review

Postby Gavin Atkins » Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:09 pm

Wow Richard, props for finishing - true grit!

I enjoyed the read, so I appreciate your efforts and report :D

Much respect for gutting it out and keeping the HHCC flag aloft!


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