Boston Wheelers Cross/Lincolnshire League Round 8

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Boston Wheelers Cross/Lincolnshire League Round 8

Postby NZxcross » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:38 pm

Good evening all,

When you are having a shit weekend, in all probability it will continue......

So we got up Sunday morning & I must admit I felt much better than expected. Neck was a bit stiff, but what the hell. Stacey did her level best to talk me out of riding; I reckon she just wanted to go to the pub to watch the AB's instead!!!!

The drive was very straight forward really, very flat out that way. We turned down a one lane road & thought the Sat Nav had gone mad again. Then saw a sign pointing into the forest. Still bemused we came across many cars, vans etc. all parked on both sides of a single track. We parked the car in the cue & thought, well we've made it. Registered at 11am for a 12.15PM start, number 77, so it was going to be a busy day again. 120 odd starters again.

Did a good warm-up, felt a litter more fatigued than I had anticipated even though I thought I had taken it a little easier the day before. Now I have to say, this course was an absolute beauty. The forest bed was made up mostly of covered sand, so any water that got thought the canopy had soaked through it. It was fast as, I mean wickedly fast. There were wide tracks. dips & a set of four major down & ups plus some gravel/tar seal sections. All in all, I'm sad to say this is the best course this year.

I was up for this one. Big-time, this was going to be my break through ride & my season was going to start right here right now.

They took us down a side track for the start which was weird as it just made it even faster to get to the first single track section. Again non gridded (No surprise there) so was well placed in the last two rows!! After a minutes silence, we were off. Well everybody else was bar me. The dickhead behind thought he would start early & get a flyer. All he managed to do is ride straight into the back of me & proceeded to get his front wheel jammed in my rear skewer. After a many frantic pulls I extracted myself to finally start. Many a colourful words were exchanged. Got up to the first very slight bend & there was an almighty pile up.

I got around this then just got going into my work. I was flying, for the first time this year I was strong. At every opportunity I was parcing 2 or 3 at a time. Every straight I was sprinting out of the corner getting more riders. I was up to mid-thirties just before lap 1 was to end. Then for the second time I hit a tree root flush with the front & with my luck for the weekend it gave up the ghost. In sympathy the rear tire at the same moment had had enough & was also flat. A true kiwi saying this was 'stink bro'.

What to do now I pondered. I hadn't put a set of wheels in the pits, a bit naughty Rico. So I ran it to the start/finish where I found Stace. I got the car keys & ran to the car with the two naughty wheels. Came back with my training wheels & put them in. I was determined to take something from the weekend. Now my spares had a Rocket Ron mud on the front & a 23mm road tire on the rear!! That was the least of my problems as I really should have been out. I rode back to the start/finish & put on my best kiwi accent & ask if I could continue?? I was lucky they took pity on me as I was now already a lap & a half down.

I took it easy for the next lap as I didn't know how hard I could push on that road tire. But I got the hang of it so for my last four laps I gave it heaps. Was really please with my effort, I kept it all together. But the weekend wasn't over. I caught the smallest twig in my rear mech & it just couldn't cope with this last piece of abuse. It wound the jockey wheels around 180 degrees (Never seen this before) & snapped it off at the hanger. I wasn,t going to have the humiliation of running it home, so I just rode the thing back like it was.

What a weekend, was glad it was over. But in all seriousness, if you are a true crosser mark this event down for next year. I won't be missing it for nothing.

Biggest lesson learned, you really have to be gridded if you have any ideas of a good placing, especially in large fields.

We are not sure if we will do another two meets this weekend, the weather will decide this as if it’s really wet then I definitely only be at Luton on Sunday.

Look forward to catching up with you all again. Please bring me some luck!!!!

Ta Rico
Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Sam Williamson
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Re: Boston Wheelers Cross/Lincolnshire League Round 8

Postby Sam Williamson » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:26 pm

Another classic race report! Even better than the previous one - mucho respect for perserving again after such shite luck.

My bet is you'll be flying at Luton :shock:

Very much looking forward to getting back to the racin' :)

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