Redgrave Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 11

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Redgrave Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 11

Postby NZxcross » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:36 pm

So we had this one on my schedule & was determined to do it. Sometimes just too stubborn for my own good. With all the rain the previous week, what was I expecting??

So off we went for the 2hr20min drive. It was just drizzling the entire way but stopped about 30minutes before we arrived. When we got there it was a pretty little town with pink colour thatched cottages. Okay, that was a bit bizarre indeed.

Got signed in & had a stroll around the track. Nothing too extreme technical wise, but two good sections where the bike would have to be shouldered for quite some distance up & around some mud mounds. A nice tar celled section as well. They made use of what they had really.

About 20minutes before we started it started to rain constantly. Wind picked up & it was bloody cold now. Got the legs turning over but felt awful. Worse all season. Just couldn’t get the pedals moving at all. I rode the coarse & although it was in good nick it was very slow, tough going. No riding mud, but longish grass that you just couldn’t get going on.

So gridding happened, only about 50 starters for this one. Everyone got gridded but me & three new Novices. Cheers. Didn’t really bother me as for a small field it should have been easy to move through. Off we went & I just went backwards. I was worse in the race than in the warm up. I just got slower & slower. Stacey even got out of the car & said ‘What are you doing?? It really was that bad.

Around half way I was knackered. I couldn’t even ride up to pissy little banks. So perplexed I even tested the wheels to see if the brakes were on. Not convinced that everything was alright, I took the chain off to see if the cranks were obstructed. Nap nothing wrong dude. So just rode around wishing for the end. Got passed by a young man who look about 12. I was going that slow.

I finished in the forties out of 50!! That was a disaster. Not worth the effort at all. So that concluded my rides in the Eastern league for ’12, both absolutely the two worst rides of the season, by far.

Both Stace & I were so cold on the way home we both still had our ski jackets on, heater on full blast both looking straight ahead. Not a word spoken the whole trip. It took at least two cups of tea at home before we had a laugh about the day.

Great looking forward to taking another beating tomorrow…..

Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Re: Redgrave Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 11

Postby Sam Williamson » Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:36 am

Hmm, I think they call it 'character building'... :D

Another great report though 8)

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Re: Redgrave Cyclo-Cross/Eastern League Round 11

Postby Ian Baynes » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:28 pm

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