South of England Champs - Basingstoke - Preview

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South of England Champs - Basingstoke - Preview

Postby NZxcross » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:12 pm

Hi all,
I'd just like to wish all the club members who are participating this weekend the very best of luck.
Give it heaps & fly the club colours with pride.

Sam in the Vets will get a top 15 (Big warm up dude for a fast start. Only got 40minutes to lay down a good one).
Conal in the Youth will be in the top seven.

I've made a bit of a blue this weekend. I decided at the start of the year that I wouldn't join BC & get a proper race liscense.
Even if I did I still probably wouldn't ride this weekend as would take a pummelling in the Seniors race.

So I thought there was a meeting in Bristol, but it was on the 2nd, so that didn't work. Had a look at doing a quick crit @ Hillingdon i.e. surprise entry. But a day liscense was a £10er + entry + chainring + new chain + gas. So with Christmas coming up just couldn't justify the outlay for a 40min strop.

So will ride an extra week than planned & do a London leauge event at Herne Hill on the 22nd.

Good luck all & look forward to viewing the results

Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Sam Williamson
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Re: South of England Champs - Basingstoke - Preview

Postby Sam Williamson » Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:28 pm

That's for the preview Rico - I'm afraid I don't share your confidence - I don't suppose I'll get much of a grid placing and 40 minutes isn't really enough for me to get into my groove, but I'll give it everything I've got on the day - be in no doubt :twisted:

As for Conall, we're expecting nothing short of a podium :wink: 8)

We'll bring the cowbells down and make plenty of noise (as always :roll: ).

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Sam Williamson
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Re: South of England Champs - Basingstoke - Preview

Postby Sam Williamson » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:14 pm

My race can be reported in 3 letters: D N S

Had a really rough night with a sore throat, coughing etc. etc. so was in no fit state to race, however Tom and I were keen to see Team Hemel's young star perform on a bigger stage than the Central Laegue and Conall didn't disappoint.

He went hard from the start and rode a strong individual race to finish in 6th place (4th U16) - well worth the trip down to Basingstoke.

We stayed and watched the Vets (in which I should have been racing) - interesting to see the race as a spectator - not sure I learnt much but good to watch my fellow competitors as a spectator for once.

No more 'cross for me or Tom until after Christmas now - we'll be mixing it up with the roadies at Hillingdon over the next 3 Saturdays - that's the plan anyway...

Laters :)

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