Twickenham CC Cyclo-Cross/Central League Round 9

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Twickenham CC Cyclo-Cross/Central League Round 9

Postby NZxcross » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:27 pm

Hi all, Just myself & Conall were present flying the mighty colours of Hemel for this one.

Conal had a good ride but was hindered by a couple of hard falls. These happened quite early on so he had some hard chasing to do. Good stuff to stick with it bud.

The day was quite pleasant & a lot warmer than normal. Not too much heavy rain of late but the coarse was still quite heavy. It’s a good facility here, which is much appreciated by Stace.

90 odd starters so a good turnout for sure getting deep into the season. Must admit there were just a pinch of names missing than normal. I got a third row grid start & got excited. The start was a good run down the tarcell to the track, wouldn't see that again. Some riders in front of me were in the small ring, probably resigning themselves to what lay ahead. Whistle went, right this was my chance, Got a good start sitting pretty, then a couple on the right got 'wound out the back' as pace really lifted. I was ready for it clicked up a gear & sailed into 15!!!! Half way round the first lap & ......... no one pushing me or coming past.

What had gone on???? Got to the hairpin & had a sneaky peak, nah everybody was suffering but I was floating along. Got round the first lap & only one had past. I knew I was on a good one as Stace was going mental!!!! Lap 2 another one got past, but unlike the entire season I caught a lift & stayed put. Lap 3 went four went by in a flash. I was in the zone feely very fuzzy about giving back all the pain that others had dished out to me all season. Some of the guys that are normally around me were nowhere, minutes back.

Just rode around in a daze for a while, drunk on the fuzziness of being somewhere were I'm normally not. Right two to go hold it together. Felt strong. Then I got caught out, I was holding a group of four at bay who were working together. I had them, I had a bit left & this was my day. Then I was having a 'loaf' around the back of the change sheds & the front went. Bugger. Didn't panic but run it out of the two very slow corners. Not much lost good boy. Good mount then........ Oh bugger the chain is off. Got that sorted & going again. The strongest of the group being had slipped away & was about 10meters behind me. I held him off for half a lap but had lost a bit of my sparkle. The other three were only 10seconds behind. One lap to go......

Right I thought, not giving in not today. Took a deep breath slammed it in a big one & went for it. Wasn't the smoothest of laps, but for one of the first times this season was strong throughout. I held out & extended the gap back out to a respectable margin. I truly believe the other rider wouldn't have got me if I didn't crash. It cost me 30seconds.

Took a look at the results tonight, a mighty 17th place. So very pleased with myself. I feel it was just reward for a hard seasons toil & I have never given up hope of some decent results. I knew my form was coming since Ickneild. Last weekend had two great rides on the road & again on Saturday had amazing legs.

Missed you Sam, would have been great to ride together, but I don’t think it would have done much for your thinking about ‘cross at Hillingdon.

Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Sam Williamson
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Re: Twickenham CC Cyclo-Cross/Central League Round 9

Postby Sam Williamson » Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:39 am

Brilliant ride Rico!

Shame I missed it - next season will be fantastic - I've been planning 2013 and CX training starts in July... :twisted:

Unfortunatelt due to my non-appearance I've allowed a fellow Vet to get a great result and he now only has to ride at Culham in Jan to nick my podium position - didn't see that one coming - ah well, next year...

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Re: Twickenham CC Cyclo-Cross/Central League Round 9

Postby Chrisbro » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:29 pm

Well done & Conall stayed for your first 3 laps and saw that you up there, smooth as silk, in leading part of the it's a measure of your improvement over season that you got 17th place :D

Conall did brave ride given he was off sick on friday / saturday (missing the HHCC Xmas Go Ride :cry: )

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