Knob of the Year #3 - Vicious Velo Double Cross

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Knob of the Year #3 - Vicious Velo Double Cross

Postby NZxcross » Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:44 pm

Hi all,
Just too head strong for my own good sometime.
After the last race at Hillingdon, like a junkie was looking for just one last hit..........
So I spied this little number & had permission to race.....

Vicious Velo Double Cross - Herne Hill
So off I trotted on Saturday morning, but not with my trusty little side kick (Stace). Who is my trusted navigator.
Now I rode at HH earlier in the season, I find it a real hassle to get there. Decided to go M25 M11 then through Rotherhithe.
Shit man, 2 hours to the other side, then punched in the wrong post code in the sat nav. By the time I worked out I was going in the wrong direction it was already 1.30PM. Corrected this & got there for 2pm, just to see the start of the race!!!!

Got back in the car & drove home. 5hr round trip & no ride. Seriously pi.....
Note to self; Saturday racing + torrential rain + Christmas traffic + London traffic = MAJOR HASSLE.

Gotta have a laugh at this one, surely it will finish on the podium.........
Richard O'Reillly

Long way from home kiwi........

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Sam Williamson
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Re: Knob of the Year #3 - Vicious Velo Double Cross

Postby Sam Williamson » Wed Dec 26, 2012 3:30 pm


I've looked at racing at HH a number of times but it always seemed like the hassle of getting there didn't justify the effort - don't think I'll bother anytime soon...

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