2015 marshalling rota

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2015 marshalling rota

Postby Paul Thomson » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:58 pm

Hi everyone,

I am about to do the marshalling rota for 2015.

We will need at least 4 for each of the 17 Thursday evening 10's (23 April to 20 August) plus at least 5 for the mid-season hilly (18 June I think).

We also need to provide 3 marshals for the Norlond Combine 50m TT on Sunday 10 May (very early on the A1 in north Bedfordshire area).

Then we have our big open promotions on 13 and 14 June that will require a lot of helpers. If we get enough helpers then we can do a rota for the open 10 on the Saturday as it is a big event.

If you have a preference on an event or date you can help at then please let me know asap

Also note that once you have been allocated a marshalling date then it is your responsibility to be there, or arrange a swap or cover for it and let me know.

Paul Thomson
Racing Secretary

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