Spring Chicken Recce Sat 5th 11.00am

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Sam Williamson
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Spring Chicken Recce Sat 5th 11.00am

Postby Sam Williamson » Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:12 pm

The 'Hemel four' have changed the time of the Spring Chicken recce next Saturday - meeting up at Botolph Claydon Village Hall at 11:00am to ride 4 laps of the course at a reasonable pace (18mph+ ave.).

If anyone with experience of racing the course would like to join us they would be more than welcome.



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Paul Thomson
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Re: Spring Chicken Recce Sat 5th 11.00am

Postby Paul Thomson » Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:15 pm

Note that there are 2 sections of very poor road surface - the climb up to Botolph Claydon and a section just over a mile after that and approx 1km from the finish (this is the worst section). I am hoping that the Bucks council Highways will do at least some basic repairs on these in the week before the races, so unlikely to be done by the time you ride around. I have been in contact and they are aware of both the road state and the races. Fingers crossed they do manage to get the worst done otherwise it's still possible I cannot run the races - I would not like to run them through those sections - particularly the bit 1km from the finish.

Paul Thomson
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