LVRC 2013 Tuesday Series, MK Bowl

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Giles Haley
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LVRC 2013 Tuesday Series, MK Bowl

Postby Giles Haley » Wed May 08, 2013 2:49 pm

So, I dipped my toe in the road racing water as a Vet last night.

For any interested, there's three "handicap" groups, A & B Cats (the whippersnappers, relatively speaking) off first, followed shortly by C & D, then (I think) E, F and G, with number colour indicating allegiance !
Race format is 1900 start, 30 mins on the inner circuit, then 20 minutes with an additional loop out the gates. EFG finish first, then CD three laps later, then AB three laps after that.

Last night, in the warm sunshine, it was anticlockwise and then out into the top park, which I find to be most fun ripping through those s-bends by the hut :twisted: !

Personally, it provided just the challenge. My plan was to ride so that by the finish (and pref not before !) I was just about shot to bits. And as it was, I was feeling OK most of the race, no serious crises, and decided not for the first time to have a bit of go on the penultimate lap. Thus I hit the gas through said s-bends, where I know I can get a gap just by taking a good line, and shot out into the park. 200m later, this move was regretted because I completely blew a gasket. The bunch which I had just revved up came flying past and couldn't get onto the back ! Legs completely gone, cramp, the full works :o .

So, in the end, I rocked up at the finish couple of hundred metres down with job done. As usual for this sort of racing though, what a complete craic.

Hope to mix it up with the Club 10 a few more times this year !


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Paul Thomson
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Re: LVRC 2013 Tuesday Series, MK Bowl

Postby Paul Thomson » Thu May 09, 2013 2:08 pm

Good effort Giles. Those A/B vets are rocking along most weeks. Been there, done that. Won a couple. Didn't win most!
The lap to go move does sometimes work, and if you don't have a sprint is kinda expected I guess. The idea is not to go too hard that you blow that quickly though! :lol:
To be honest most weeks I found there were breaks that clipped off fairly soon after the start - within the first 5 laps and often they stayed away. They are better bets for good placings.

Paul Thomson
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