Corley Cycles 2013 Thursday Series, MK Bowl

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Corley Cycles 2013 Thursday Series, MK Bowl

Postby Giles Haley » Thu May 30, 2013 9:07 pm

Thursdays for me are all about Club 10 or MK Bowl... Club 10 or MK Bowl...? Tonight it was ye olde Bowl.

New format, 4ths only race at 6pm, then 3/4/W and E/1/2/3 in separate bunches at 7pm. I unambitiously opted for the 3/4/W, 30mins anticlockwise on the inner circuit, then 30mins with extra loop through top park. Couple of drizzly spells, but surface stayed dry, a few little sideways slips in the bunch, but everything stayed upright.

Down to business, stayed up front most of the race [not too far up front, though, you understand ;-) ], pretty comfortable and made a rare appearance in the bunch sprint ! Awesome. I'd estimate top 15, but I think there were 2-3 away. Will have to see what turns up on Facebook later !


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