Welwyn Track League 2010

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Welwyn Track League 2010

Postby Simon Hemington » Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:25 am

The track league has started up on Friday nights over at Welwyn Track. Gavin made a good start in the first week with a win and a second place.

If anybody else wants to have a go then these are the basics.
Ages Groups
Seniors/Juniors - split into A/B groups by ability
Youth (Under 16) AB/BC/CDE groups split by age and ability

Good basic track and bunch skills needed to be safe. It is best to attend one of the novice sessions and several training sessions before having a go at racing. Details on Welwyn Wheelers website.

Racing Format
Each group gets several races on the night and plenty of chances to have a go. Track bikes can be hired at the circuit if needed.

Hope to see you there in a couple of weeks.

Simon Hemington
HHCC Webmaster

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