English Sprint Champs - Emberton 6 July 2014

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Mike Orton
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English Sprint Champs - Emberton 6 July 2014

Postby Mike Orton » Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:54 pm

Hi there,

So far as I know 5 Hemel people did the above event last weekend over the now familiar Emberton course.

In pretty near perfect conditions there were a solid set of performances.

For my own part I felt good and other than a hash of T2 where I couldn't find the correct rack (counted from swim exit but not run entry which was in reverse :oops: !) had a good race. Unfortunately I was again 4th in my age group so just out of the medals.

I saw Harvey at the finish who was pleased with his performance and felt he had improved since Dambuster, particularly on the run.

Didn't see Ian, Sandra or Carol at the end so no doubt they can comment on their own performances if they want.

Times were as follows:

Mike Orton 1:08:20

Harvey Bennett 1:15:01

Ian Huntingford 1:18:49

Sandra Mogan 1:27:57

Carol Macdonald 1:28:23

I'm ramping up the distance for UK Ironman next weekend. Training has been patchy so we'll have to see!


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Ian Huntingford
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Re: English Sprint Champs - Emberton 6 July 2014

Postby Ian Huntingford » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:01 pm

Yes, it was good to see five of us competing at the National Champs.

I reckon 4th in a sprint was very good, Mike, considering your focus is on much longer events now.

I had hoped for a time closer to Harvey's time myself but, with my knee limiting my run training even more than normal this year, I completely blew it on the run and even had to stop twice to stretch out calf cramps! All rather unpleasant and disappointing!

Good luck at Ironman UK, Mike.


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