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Bedford Triathlon

Postby felixlangley » Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:08 pm

Andrew, Janucz and I headed up to Bedford on Sunday for the first in the Bedford Super Sprint Series. These events are pool-swim sprints of 400m swim/24km bike/5k run. This was the first event of the series and doubled up as the Bedfordshire sprint champs.

April triathlons are always a bit of gamble weather-wise, but conditions on the morning, although cool and overcast, were dry throughout. Once I'd dried out and warmed up on the bike it felt pretty much spot-on.

The swim lanes and start times were well organised in terms of matching up the different abilities, although not entirely avoiding the customary lane jamming seen at most pool-based events. Starting somewhat later, the pool seemed to empty out, and I got a rare clear and unimpeded swim.

Following a messy T1, it was out onto the bike route. Once clear of the traffic lights and roundabouts of Bedford town centre (not to mention a dicey foray onto the A6!) the course opens out onto rolling country terrain, taking in the villages of Pavenham and Felmersham - a really good, varied ride and the definite highlight.

The race finished with run laps of Bedford Park. It was a pretty fast run course and came up 200m short on my Garmin, although triathletes never seem to complain about this as much as road runners!

All in all, this was a really good start to the season and it felt great to be back racing. There are two more events in the series on 14th of June and 4th of October.

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